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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our project

Aimée Mullins, Sprint and long jump, by Howard Schatz

Theme of the project: Step by step, making a difference. Combining English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and Citizenship Matters with the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Summary: By means of EFL and ICT, used as key communication tools, Teachers (Ts) and Students (Ss) from Portugal and The Netherlands, to start with, work together in order to build learning based on a few agreed subjects.

Students involved: Secondary school Ss aged 14-18 .

Project length: Two school years.

ICT tools: email, videoconferencing, chat, forum, net call (by means of Skype, MSN, etc.), cooperative environment, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, blogs, …

Subjects/Areas involved: EFL, ICT, Citizenship, …

Aims: Through the ICT we intend:

- to promote the Ss’ contact with varied linguistic and cultural realities, taken as sources of an identity wealth in a creative and participating way;

- to develop the Ss’ communicative and sociocultural skills;

- to promote Education for Citizenship, which may contribute to the development of responsible and autonomous intervening attitudes, both as a team and as individuals;

- to contribute to the Ss’ motivation to study English, assumed as a key-language for international communication;

- to develop the Ss’ fluent and accurate use of EFL;

- to promote the Ss’ use of strategies which may lead them to overcome difficulties and solve problems, assuming risks as a natural means of learning;

- to articulate skills developed by different subjects;

- to combine ICT with the EFL curricula;

- to develop the Ss’ ICT skills;

- to make the Ss aware of the nowadays’ new technologies and globalization challenge;

- to promote pedagogic innovation through the creation of a captivating learning environment;

- to contribute for the building of an European education dimension.

What is ETwinning

eTwinning is a framework for schools to collaborate on the Internet with partner schools in other European countries.

eTwinning is the main action of the European Union's eLearning programme.

It promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services to make it easy for schools to form short or long term partnerships in any subject area.


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