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Saturday, March 3, 2007

A PowerPoint presentation of our project

This is a PowerPoint presentation we prepared for our students, not only to make them aware of the meaning of the eTwinning action, but also of what our own project, "Step by step making a difference", is about.


Conceição Brito said...

Great presentation of Setúbal! I've enjoyed it very much. Congratulations to teacher and students! Go on with the good work!

I'm going to divulge your blog wherever I can. I'm sure you'll be vey successful with your project!

Conceição Brito

3za said...

Dear Elis and partners... Love the idea! Excelent work!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elisabete, only you to make me take interest in learning how to make a blog! Thank you for your friendship and your availability. See you on Monday


Gina said...

Très bien! j'ai beaucoup aimé l'anglais parfait, les photos ( y compris notre 9ème année), le projet... mais je fais les commentaires en français. Pas de problème?

Anonymous said...

Lizzie. this is a truly amazing site. Well done! i have spent most of sunday afternoon venturing through it,
Congratulations! xxx

Jean Critien 11th march 5pm

Héctor Ojeda said...

Bonito Setúbal, suerte en este proyecto no tengo dudas que lograrán sus objetivos. Un abrazo.


Vanessa said...

This blog its great! Beathifull! Excelent!
Im wishing to youre project reaches the objectivs.


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