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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Young People in a Global World

This is the last big topic studied all through this shool year and the one that is most directly connected with the students involved in this project as far as their likes, dislikes, feelings, points of view, etc., are concerned.

During the 3rd school term, the students had the chance to do some research and develop quite interesting pieces of work on the topic indicated above. All the work produced was presented and discussed in class.

Here go the links to all of them:

- Young People in a Global World: An Introduction to the topic -

- Young People and Globalization: a work by Vanessa, João Costa and Max

- Youth Life Style: a work by Max

- Cinema: a work by Sam

- Graffiti: a work by Gonçalo

- Football: a work by Hugo Batista, Max, Rafael and Tiago

- Music: a work by Sam

- Rap & Hip-Hop: a work by Arsénio, Filipe and João Caixeiro

- Rockn' Roll: a work by JP and Akira

- Heavy Metal: a work by Gonçalo and Carlos

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